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10 giờ Thứ Bảy 17/8/2019 tại Nhà thờ Giáo Xứ Đức Mẹ Hằng Cứu Giúp.
Chủ tế: Đức  Cha Giuse Nguyễn Tấn Tước, Giám mục Giáo phận Phú Cường.
Giảng lễ: Cha Giám Tỉnh  Giuse Nguyễn Ngọc Bích CSsR.

Thứ Ba, 6 tháng 8, 2019

The passionate self motivated "senior citizen" English learners (Evelyn Thung)


I met Mr Luong way back in 2013, at the Aspirants community of Redemptorist, Saigon. He was the resource Music Trainer whereas I was the resource English Trainer for the Aspirants community in Ky Dong house. In 2013, Mr Luong couldn’t understand English. Sometimes, the Aspirants asked me to join his music class in Vietnamese which I did. We merely shook hands and smiled to each other, that’s all.

One day in June 2017, I came across Duc Me Truyen Tin "Our Lady of the Annunciation" Chapel 5, and I entered to join the liturgical celebration (Thanh Le). I was surprised to meet Mr Luong, and he introduced his wife, Ms Suong, the leader of chapel 5, to me.
Mr Luong told me he started learning English in 1963, primary school and during the 7 years high school he studied very hard English language at Dong Cong Congregation. After high school, he was invited to be English interpreter for US military. Sadly, when the war end in 1975, he had no more opportunity to use English, hence, when he first met me in 2013 he couldn’t utter a word of English.
After our meeting at chapel 5, it triggered Mr Luong and his wife to begin "self study" English everyday following the VOA, 52 lessons each of level 1 & 2, usually it takes one year for each level, but for Mr Luong, he mastered 52 lessons of level 1 & 2 in 3 months. Ms Suong has very tight schedule so she learns as and when she has the time.

Therefore, whenever Mr Luong sees us at Chapel 5 or DCCT at Ky Dong Church, he seizes every opportunity to speak to us in order to brush up his English speaking and listening skills. It’s really very inspiring and amazing after I found out how zealous Mr Luong and his wife were into learning English language whereas I know many elderly and middle aged people view it as a useless language in this country.
My salute to Mr Luong and his wife who are senior citizens with busy schedules, yet, they put great efforts and discipline to learn English by themselves at home. I can see Mr Luong really loves English language. Bravo Mr Luong. Grateful thanks Ms Suong for cooking dinner for all of us. With love and prayer
Evelyn Thung

You are who the God sent to awaken the English that I had, and also an opportunity for me to improve my English listening and speaking skills. Thank you. Thanks to those whom I have communicated in English, whether communicating on FB, Twitter or communicating in real life. Hopefully, my English is richer so that my life will make more sense and bring joy to those who communicate with me in this language, the language that I think can be said is the international language. Once again, I and Co Suong, my wife, thank you very much. May God bless all of us and heal, the abundance of health for your husband, Mike.
Chân Thiện Mỹ

indeed, English is an International language! Not every Vietnamese like you recognize it and wish to reach out to the world using social media in a meaningful way. You are one of the precious stones in the kingdom of God. bless you and your wife with more power and the spirit of Jesus Christ.
Evelyn Thung

Thanks God. Thank you.
Chân Thiện Mỹ